Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Syrians are So Screwed

When our diplomats are boasting about a "peace process," understand that they will value maintaining the process far more than actual peace.

Aw, Hell no:

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to reporters in Riyadh, following a meeting with Gulf Cooperation Council states in the Saudi capital:

"We are confident that with good initiative in the next day or so those talks can get going and that the U.N. representative special envoy, Staffan De Mistura, will be convening people in an appropriate manner for the proximity talks that will be the first meeting in Geneva." ...

"I won't announce a date, but we all agreed that immediately after completion of the first round of the Syria discussions, the International Syria Support Group will convene, and that will be very shortly, because we want to keep the process moving," said Secretary Kerry.

You'll recall how well the peace process has worked for the Israel-Palestinian dispute.

And how well the process worked for South Vietnam.

But our diplomats are working hard to get a process for Syria. And once established, they'll invest much effort to keep that process going.

So just wait for the casualty count in Syria to pass a cool half million. No sacrifice is too great to keep Holy Process going.