Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Day of Infamy Came Early This Year ...

... when our president spoke to the nation tonight and failed to convince me he is a war president.

The president seems more interested in gun control than jihadi control; and more concerned about a backlash against Moslems than he is about the lash of Islamist terrorism.

But buck up! Rather than victory, we will "overcome" our jihadi enemies such as ISIL.

I look forward to OI Day (rather than a VJ or VE Day).

We're so screwed.

UPDATE: To be clear, I certainly don't want a backlash against Moslems here. I live in southeast Michigan so I run into plenty of good people of that faith.

But there has been no Dread Backlash in this country despite our Long War that ISIL has reignited after we were assured our jihadi enemies were on the run.

I'd really just like to have our president experience a backlash against the jihadis. But no, it's "stay the course" with little hope the course leads anywhere.

Only our enemies are reassured by the Oval Office remarks.

Amazingly, our president thought he reassured the nation.

We could use a little less reassuring and a little more killing and defeating jihadis.

UPDATE: Oh, and I don't understand why the president called for a new authorization to use force against ISIL.

Is the president saying his war on ISIL is illegal now? I thought the 2001 authorization was the authority. If it isn't, why is the war raging (ineffective though it is) right now?

Once again, I probably just prove how nuance deficient I am.