Monday, December 28, 2015

Hillary Was Assured There Would Be No Math

I guess we can call Hillary Clinton's education strategy the Lake Wobegon approach as she explains how she would improve schools:

I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better than average job,” she said. “… But as president, what I’d be looking for are schools that exceed expectations. And I don’t care whether they’re urban, suburban or rural. … I am very partial toward districts that are doing well, and from everything I can tell, this one is.” [emphasis added]

Good grief! Even the Romans would only kill a tenth to remind the rest to perform better! A full half will go? Egad. Have the teacher unions approved this?

Clinton is familiar with the concept of "average" isn't she? Surely she knows that, depending on the form of "average," that roughly half of schools will perform at levels below the average.

And thus be subject to closing under a Clinton II administration.

This hasn't gotten much attention. Needless to say, if a Republican had said something this dumb, the press would be all over it, with statisticians explaining the idiocy with nice graphs.

The whole affair would have been described as just one example of the anti-science attitudes of the entire party.

But instead, Hillary!