Friday, November 13, 2015

Squeeze the Peasants

I've long been unhappy with civil asset forfeiture. It's getting worse in tight fiscal times.

The ability of the government to seize a person's assets without proving guilt in any crime is downright anti-American in its trampling of rule of law:

Recent years have brought public scrutiny on a controversial law enforcement practice known as civil asset forfeiture, which lets police seize and keep cash and property from people who are never convicted — and in many cases, even charged — with wrongdoing. But despite a growing public outcry spurred in part by news investigations and congressional hearingsa new report Tuesday from the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit civil-liberties law firm, finds that the past decade has seen a "meteoric, exponential increase" in the use of the practice.

And really, what's the difference between modern civil asset forfeiture and tax farming?