Friday, November 13, 2015

How Can You Blame the Iranians?

Iran is threatening to walk away from the nuclear deal if we oppose them in any way. Apparently Iran believes they got a permanent "get out of jail free" card from the West.

You can never retreat enough, apparently:

Iran has threatened to walk away from the recently inked nuclear deal and stop rolling back its nuclear enrichment program, according to recent comments by Hassan Rouhani, the Islamic Republic’s president.

Rouhani, in comments on Thursday, threatened to break the deal if the United States imposes any new sanctions on Iran, even ones concerning the country’s human rights abuses and its ballistic missile program.

No doubt the Iranians are upset.

We agreed to surrender to Iran's ambitions with the nuclear deal, granting them (at best, from our point of view, if Iran does not cheat given the limited enforcement or find a way around the limits) a 10-15-year path to nuclear weapons and the money to afford to be a regional power--whether or not they are "responsible" from our point of view.

So any indication that we are going back on our surrender to them (good grief, they want us to apologize to Iran for our policies toward them) is going to be unacceptable to Iran's nutballs. The deal represents no opportunity to rebuild relations with us. It represents an opportunity to gain advantage over us.

And why shouldn't Iran walk away from the deal? At some point with sanctions ended, Iran will have the bulk of their financial benefits from the deal and we'll see how hollow the "snap back" provisions for reimposing sanctions really are.

Or perhaps the Iranians just don't get nuance. Some people, eh?