Saturday, October 10, 2015

What Have We Done?

God save us. We have young men and women humping through Afghanistan and Iraq, launching supersonic aircraft from carriers, and loading missiles on planes at the same age as these fragile campus snowflakes:

A year ago I received an invitation from the head of Counseling Services at a major university to join faculty and administrators for discussions about how to deal with the decline in resilience among students. At the first meeting, we learned that emergency calls to Counseling had more than doubled over the past five years. Students are increasingly seeking help for, and apparently having emotional crises over, problems of everyday life. Recent examples mentioned included . . . two students who had sought counseling because they had seen a mouse in their off-campus apartment. The latter two also called the police, who kindly arrived and set a mousetrap for them.

No word if the students stood on chairs and shrieked.

And bad--or even less than great--grades are gnawing at them. We're darned close to seeing students complaining of Post-Grading Stress Disorder.

All things considered, gun violence is the least of student worries.

UPDATE: Related on the Ukrainian protesters who helped the pro-Russian stooge who helped wreck Ukraine.

Those social justice warriors over here who celebrate their defiant protests against the lone conservative who wanders onto a college campus should consider what real courage on the protest fields looks like. On Netflix now.

Trigger warning: Images of broken eye sockets and splattered brain matter.