Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Mote in God's Eye

Yes, our military made a mistake by hitting that hospital site in Afghanistan. But the rabid hysteria about whether this is a war crime when we take great care to avoid civilian casualties is outrageous.

This is especially so when you consider that our enemies commit levels of atrocities on purpose and on a scale that horrifies yet too many here struggle to explain "why they hate us" with bizarre reasons for concluding it is really all our fault.

The level of outrage is compounded by those on the left who damn our military for any casualty inflicted by a bomb or aerial weapon on the completely stupid logic that if there is a casualty caused by our bombs we are legally and morally responsible for those deaths.

That is not so. An enemy that fights in civilian clothes making them hard to distinguish from protected civilians have a degree of responsibility. And if these enemies fight amongst civilians to confound our targeting, they are--in all likelihood--fully responsible for resulting deaths.

We are not obliged under the laws of war to hold fire when we have an important military objective even if civilian casualties are guaranteed.

We don't exercise that lawful right these days. Yet still we get hammered with allegations of "war crimes?"

I'll stop now before I digress into the way "proportionality" has been twisted by the Global Left.

We fight enemies with comic book levels of obvious evil and this is what we get. I'm disgusted.

UPDATE: Really?

The reaction from officials of Doctors Without Borders to the attack on its hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz was to condemn it as a "war crime."

If they keep this up, I may have to conclude that we hit a legitimate enemy target.

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UPDATE: Related:

Saudi Arabia has its lobbyists in the West working overtime to deal with accusations that the Saudi led Arab coalition air attacks in Yemen has killed more civilians (more than 2,000) this year than Israel did during their 2014 war in Gaza with Hamas. That conflict saw 2,100 Palestinians killed and about two-thirds of them were civilians. The Palestinians, and their Arab allies in the UN, want Israel prosecuted for war crimes because of this. There is no such clamor for the Saudis to be similarly prosecuted.

And if you looked at the experience of Palestinians in the Syrian Civil War, add in torture at the hands of fellow Arabs, too.

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