Monday, July 20, 2015

CSI: Jihad

The media can conjure up Tea Party connections within hours of a violent attack, but the Tennessee attacks are a mystery of impenetrable motivations.

I will say that we should remember that the American Moslem community has been very resistant to jihadi impulses. The jihadis know that it is risky to operate within the community that has relations with our law enforcement to find jihadi types.

As I wrote in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks:

We must trust that our Moslem and Arab neighbors share our values. They or their parents or grandparents immigrated to America because they too cherish our freedoms and way of life. Like most Americans, they are here because someone in their family fled poverty, oppression, or both, to build a better life for their children. They are horrified and angry like all Americans. "They" are our friends and neighbors and are part of "us." Some, whether citizens or residents, will be guilty of cooperating with the enemy or even actively fighting us. This is not new. Fascism and communism had their admirers here even in our darkest hours during those fights. Those betrayers were guilty as individuals and not as members of any religion or ethnic group. Let us not descend into the logic of our enemies that the perceived or actual guilt of one condemns all similar innocents.

We need to coolly and calmly track down and destroy these jihadis who live among us, including lawful surveillance of mosques (remember that they were jihadi arsenals and barracks in Iraq), without indicting all Moslems as jihadi supporters.

Indeed, robust efforts to destroy jihadis will strengthen the ability of other Moslems to act against the jihadis by eliminating the fear of jihadis seeking retribution and reducing the appeal to young idiots who want to ride with the "strong horse."