Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It must be easy for jihadi nutballs to believe God is on their side when they get the willing cooperation of idiot Westerners.

Westerners successfully use our laws to help jihadis, in what is called "lawfare":

Islamic terrorists have found powerful allies among leftist activists and journalists in the United States and Europe. These groups first appeared in the 1930s providing support for the Soviet Union. ...

Islamic terrorists have seen lawfare put restrictions on interrogations at Guantanamo and make government officials reluctant to take chances in fighting or stopping, Islamic terrorism. Despite record low civilian casualties Islamic terrorists have plenty of allies willing to pursue false claims of deliberate attacks on civilians and even journalists. Playing the legal system, as well as the media, leftist activists have provided Islamic terrorism valuable allies in America, the very country Islamic radicals are trying to destroy.

The really sad thing is that these anti-West Western activists count on the West actually winning the war on Islamist terrorism so they can live the Western-style good life they enjoy while also enjoying the feel-good buzz of self-righteously sticking it to the evil American-led "war on Islam."

Goodlife, indeed.