Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wait for the Punch Line

What's the expression? Humor is when somebody else slips on a banana and fall down; but tragedy is when you get a splinter? Yeah, China is discovering the tragedy of North Korean nuclear missiles.

It always seemed insane to me that the Chinese (and Russians, too) enjoyed seeing us (and Japan and South Korea) squirm as North Korea developed nuclear weapons.

China has had a full-fledged change of heart:

Chinese experts believe North Korea has at least twenty nuclear weapons and has managed to develop the complex tech to use some of these warheads on ballistic missiles. Previous Western estimates were for 10-16 nukes and none working while on missiles. While all this North Korean weapons tech is primitive by Chinese or Western standards, it will work. Because of the nationalist ideology used (some would say worshipped) in North Korea, China is portrayed as an ancient enemy that must be watched carefully no matter how friendly they pretend to be. Thus China sees itself at risk from these nukes, especially since the Kim dynasty that has ruled North Korea for 70 years has become more and more unpredictable and threatening to all its neighbors.

If nukes can be funny, this is hilarious.

And in bonus territory, China doesn't like the anti-missile systems we are proliferating near China in response to North Korea's nukes.

And this is before potential targets of North Korean nuclear blackmail respond by building their own nukes. I bet China won't be laughing if South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam go nuclear, too.

Explain to me again how China's rulers are so patient and far-sighted.