Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bleeding from Behind

I don't know how the Iranians of all people can get away with accusing the Saudis of killing Arabs.

Really? This is the area of argument Iran wants to open up?

A senior Iranian official branded Saudi Arabia's King Salman a traitor to Islam on Thursday and equated the Gulf state's military assault on Iranian-allied fighters in Yemen with Israeli actions against Palestinians.

How many Iraqis died at Iran's hands during the Iran-Iraq War? Was it 100,000? Twice that?

How many Syrians have died and will die yet during Iran's war against Syria's Arab majority? Over 200,000 so far? Will that double before this Iranian effort is all over?

Funny enough, the Iranians claimed during the Iran-Iraq War that they were trying to get at Israel by going through Iraq. Good thing Jordan didn't have to take their turn, too, eh? I guess they are lucky since Iran decided to take the northern route through Syria and Lebanon.

Yet Iran's Shia path isn't going to lead them to dominate the Moslem world.

Why Sunni Arab (and American, too) information warfare can't exploit the notion that Iran is willing to fight Israel to the last Arab is beyond me to hasten Iran's defeat is beyond me.