Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beyond Parody

Using the word "girls" to refer to women is politically incorrect.

And it isn't just incorrect because it might demean females in ways that the use of the word "boys" does not insult men. (Ah, the benefits of male privilege!)

So the word "girl" is doubleplus ungood. Don't use it.

But it is so bad that it is now apparently improper to refer to actual girls as "girls" and actual boys as "boys".

I was puzzled initially at the calendar of my daughter's middle school. They listed WBB and MBB on the sports calendar.

What is tha--oh!--Women's basketball and Men's basketball!

For actual children's teams!

Amusingly enough, sometimes the calendar makers would screw up and put in BBB or GBB. One shudders at the thought crime involved.

Clearly we need more reeducation camps.