Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Build It and They Will Stay Away?

I'm not the only one wondering about news that the Russians want a super carrier larger than ours:

It seems odd, though, that Russia—an increasingly cash-strapped continental power that has never built a vessel of such size and complexity—would take such trouble and expense for apparently uncertain gain. Rather than invest in luxury platforms like aircraft carriers, the Russian military should allocate finite resources to beef up the army and air force—Moscow’s wherewithal for managing events on dry land. Right?

Yet the author thinks it makes sense to protect Russia. Do read it all. I respect the author. But I don't get it one bit.

If Russia had unlimited resources, what the heck? Why not build a super carrier?

But what mission does a carrier really help the Russians carry out that land-based airpower would not? Interdicting NATO North Atlantic sea lines of communication? Seriously?

What vital military capabilities have to be shelved to pay for this?

I still hold that Russia's naval ambition is a head scratcher. But I'm all for it.

But from Moscow's point of view, they should just buy a red sports car for Putin. It's cheaper.