Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When You Start to Go to War, Go to War

Congress should simply pass an AUMF that authorizes the president to lead our forces in a war to destroy jihadi terrorists and their enablers.

If it would make people feel better, there can be a clause that specifies ISIL and even Iraq, without limiting the authorization to use military force to that current threat.

I mean really, are you a racist or something to urge an unprecedented limitation on President Obama's war powers in an AUMF that you'd never consider slapping on a white president?

And on a practical level, in what alternate universe is President Obama at risk for going overboard on defeating our enemies?

Not that I think a new AUMF is necessary. But lets stop the wordsmithing and get on with killing jihadis.

UPDATE: Max Boot rightly notes that we don't really need a Congressional resolution to fight ISIL (since we've been doing it for half a year that should be obvious).

But that doesn't mean an AUMF isn't useful as a sign of support to finish the job.

Which means that if Congress passes one for this fight that it should not include limiting language that implies we are starting the fight with less than a resolve for victory.

Seriously, in what alternate universe has this administration earned a reputation for fighting to the last man?