Sunday, January 18, 2015

This is No Way to Act Like a Great Power

India is still holding Italian marines--not even filing charges--over an accidental shooting of Indian fishermen mistaken for pirates that may have taken place in Indian waters (or maybe not). As a rising power, you'd think India would want to distinguish themselves from nations like Iran and North Korea who kidnap for foreign policy leverage.

I'm in favor of closer ties with India, but this is ridiculous:

India criticized a European Parliament resolution Friday for calling the detention of two Italian marines for nearly three years without charge a violation of human rights.

The men were detained over the shooting of two Indian fishermen in February 2012 while on anti-piracy duty aboard an Italian cargo ship off the Indian coast. They have yet to be formally charged in the case, irritating ties between the two countries.

As I commented three years ago, India should be a little more understanding of mistakes on anti-piracy missions given that India blew up a Thai fishing vessel when the Indian navy perhaps over-reacted considering the ship had just been taken over by pirates. Oops about that innocent crew, eh?

Come on India, do the right thing and work on distinguishing real threats from mistakes and irritants.

China is India's problem from Hell--not Italy or the European Union.