Saturday, January 17, 2015

Absolutely Nothing

President Obama has set a red line over Iran's nuclear negotiations, citing the possibility of War!

Of course, the line he set was to keep Congress--the president's real enemy--from risking war by increasing sanctions on poor, misunderstood, mullah-run Iran that is just aching to sign a deal with us to end the nuclear program they deny even having:

U.S. President Barack Obama warned lawmakers on Friday not to trigger new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, saying such a move would upset diplomatic talks and increase the likelihood of a military conflict with Tehran.

In a joint news conference at the White House, Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron urged members of Congress to be patient and hold off on legislation calling for further sanctions.

Secretary of State Kerry already has Edwin Starr lined up to visit Tehran to express our diplomacy in song:

Even if Congress is 100% wrong on this issue, a man with any sense at all could have used Congressional sentiment to our advantage. The president could have used Congressional threats as leverage to get Iran to give concessions that might make a deal mean something. "Hey Iran, these guys might do anything, you know? So let's get to an agreement that even they won't reject, huh?"

But no, the president acts like he's an employee of the Iranian foreign office, seeking to protect Iran from the big meanies in Congress. "Smart" diplomacy, indeed.

Iran can continue to stall and delay, confident that the president's latest deadline is no more significant than any other he has issued to Iran since becoming president 6 years ago.

This level of stupidity is just mind boggling.

Iran knows that the president is eager--desperate even--for any deal that allows the president to avoid military conflict over Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.

We wouldn't want to upset the deal that is so obviously forming, as far as I'm concerned:

I don't bother speculating on the potential details. The big picture has always been clear to me.

The Iranians will pretend not to have a nuclear weapons program; and we will pretend to believe them.

Obviously, Nobel Peace Prizes all around! Because that's all that deal will be good for.