Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why Russia Can't Have Nice Things: Part X

Russia has invaded Ukraine, threatens their other neighbors, and rattles nuclear sabres, but the Russians think France has a reputation problem?

In some ways, Russia's aggression isn't the really aggravating thing about them. What do we expect, after all?

What is really aggravating is their posturing (and perhaps actual belief) that they aren't doing anything wrong at all.

Indeed, France's decision not to deliver the Mistral amphibious warfare ships that Russia purchased is being described by the Russians as something that will harm France's reputation!

France's reputation is in jeopardy for stalling delivery of Mistral-class warships to Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Friday.

"We have already had enough of this issue, it's not our problem, it's the problem of France's reputation," Lavorv told reporters on the sidelines of an OSCE meeting in Switzerland. "And next, the contract must be strictly fulfilled."

Are you kidding me? France's reputation is in jeopardy?

Naturally, Russia is innocent of anything that might make even the French wary of looking like they are arming an aggressor:

A senior Russian diplomat accused the United States on Monday of trying to bring down President Vladimir Putin with the sanctions it has imposed on Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine.

Western hostility is just coming out of nowhere according to the Russians!

This whole crisis, from conquest to denial to blaming others for the crisis, is why Russia can't have nice things.

If France wants a good reputation, I think France actually should ship the Mistral vessels off to Russia--perhaps 6 months after providing cheap Exocet missiles and the blueprints of the Mistral to any nations with a coastline near Russia.

One day, Russians may move beyond these attitudes and the rulers who nurture these attitudes. Then they can have nice things. Heck, I'll bet Russians will want to join NATO by that point.