Friday, December 12, 2014

Status Report

Whoa! Where has the time gone?

Post-Thanksgiving, Lamb and I decorated the tree. Even she says the tree looks small now when so few years ago it seemed to tower over her.

Mister leaned over from checking his fantasy football team progress (he's in the playoffs) to put a couple ornaments on the tree within his span of reach. Tis the Season.

This was a birthday hit--a flying disc that is not a guided drone--do wear a hat if your hair is long enough to catch in the blades (and we learned that lesson with the harmless tangling of a pom pom that the flyer struck):

I even managed to repair the flimsy Styrofoam body when the blade nicked it into an imbalanced state by filling the gaps with tape, which balanced it again nicely to return it to flight status.

And we discovered that the control unit has a kill switch that sadly requires line of sight to shut down the flying disk. Luckily it missed the toilet.

More sedate and stately is the radio-control helium-filled fish that also remains popular.

And we've had Academic Society nights and concerts and all the events of school and life, like Halloween (Lamb's last?) and baking and Thanksgiving and college application and a disappointing Michigan football season--but fine days at the stadium, regardless, in what could be the last season I go to games with Mister, depending on college and life and all the rest.

I got into The Walking Dead, swore off The 100 as just too stupid to survive either on Earth or on my TV list, reached violence saturation with The Following, continued to watch Brooklyn 99 which is really good, let New Girl fade despite my undying attraction to Zooey Deschanel (in a completely non-stalky sort of way), stuck with Supernatural, and wonder where the heck is The Americans? (Ah! Back in January!)

And I've discovered Game of Thrones, which I am reading and then watching. I'm on book three and season 2.

Now that you mention it, I did give up on dating this year. Why do you ask?

Ah well. One prospect didn't work out, alas. I rather liked her. So I sat out a season. Once more into the breach this spring, I think.

Life, however, is good. It just goes by so darned fast.