Friday, December 26, 2014

I Just Knew It!

It's science, damn it!

Actually, it's satire. Although to be fair, that disclaimer quoted is not at the top of the page on that Smithsonian story.

When I first ran across the article, I started reading it with the idea which I've heard from someone in the field and from other material that archeology has gate-keepers who defend the status quo theories rather ruthlessly.

But as I read the story, it just didn't sound right. Especially since I'd never heard of the news source.

Suppressing evidence that undermines accepted theories? All too plausible.

Giants? Not so much.

And other stuff didn't seem legit, like the picture of the giant "human" leg bone.

So I searched some more using that wonderful Google thing.

Try to read with a critical eye even when you expect to have your bias confirmed.

And now I also know that World News Daily Report is a satire site.