Monday, December 22, 2014

Driving Lesson

Whoa. Sometimes focusing on the obvious threat blinds you to another.

While driving with my kids over the holidays, I approached a green light to make a right turn.

I checked the intersection where I'd turn and saw it was clear.

But a car from the opposite direction was edging forward to make a left. So my focus was on avoiding being hit by that car if that driver made the decision to go.

Watching that car a little too closely meant I didn't see the jogger about to cross the street I was turning on to. I was horrified. I've never so much have gotten a parking ticket.

I'm relieved he (?) saw me--or perhaps he just wasn't that close to me. It's possible my reaction to not seeing him until I went by made him seem closer than he was since the consequences flashed in my head. There was no loud swearing, after all.

So it probably wasn't as bad as I felt it to be. But still. I didn't see him. I certainly hope I didn't give him a pre-holiday scare.

I dissected what happened so my son, Mister (a new driver), could understand the perils of ordinary driving. Even when you think you are being careful.

And it helped me, too. In the season with lots of harried drivers and those who've had one too many, that's a good reminder.

And the lesson was painless for anyone else and me. That's a bargain.