Monday, December 01, 2014

Behold the Moral Superiority

Black Friday brawl videos are just the way rich people shame poor people?

Perhaps it was just around here, but I saw a commercial of a very well off man sporting a black eye coming back home from an early morning Black Friday shopping foray (to save hundreds of dollars) only to see his neighbor who slept in but bought an expensive car, saving thousands. The shame.

So the behavior in the videos isn't shameful? It's not about the few fools behaving badly in the videos? It's about somebody else?

Sounds odd. But maybe the man has a point.

By making the focus of the videos, which rich people may never have seen--aren't they off skiing or polo-ing?--about somebody they don't like who are not in the video or even taking the video, I think the videos are just the way liberals shame rich people (well, just the rich people who don't write checks to leftist causes, of course).

And when you consider that making fun of Walmart shoppers is pretty much a hobby for liberals and a chance for the new aristocracy to sneer at peasants, I think my explanation is closer to the mark. Behold the morally superior newspaper columnist! I link the video but cluck my disapproval of the video and those who laugh and shake their head at it!

But the notion in that latter link that the author makes about conservatives and libertarians mocking poor people (but not Walmart shoppers, oddly enough) has escaped me all my life. Perhaps I don't hang out with or watch the right people.

Hey, at least this year wasn't as bad as the 2012 bloodbath. Now that was funny!