Monday, October 13, 2014

Racist or Just Evil? You Decide

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reveals some pretty disturbing notions, calling into question whether he is a racist or just evil.

One, Milbank denies the sincerity of Republicans who want the Secret Service to protect the president:

“They’re even making a campaign issue of the Secret Service,” The Post columnist said, “saying things are so bad that even the President of the United States, the President of the United States we would like to remove from office by the way, is not being adequately protected by the Secret Service.”

Opponents of the president can hope to defeat his policies and can regret that he is the president, but the notion that his opponents can't simultaneously oppose the president's policies and work to keep him safe says more about Milbank and his comrades on the left than it does Republicans.

That attitude approaches evil and I'm not sure how you could distinguish that way of thinking from evil. That Bush Assassination Porn that elements of the Left cherished back in the day must be looked at in a new light, no?

I noted my desire for the president's personal security before the left began blinking in shock at the very idea of separating politics from the national institution of the presidency.

And this concern for the president's security is long-standing, as you can see here, here, and here--notwithstanding my absolute horror that this obviously inadequate man convinced Americans to vote for him twice.

I'll note that my main hope that racial relations would be moved forward by breaking this barrier has been undone by the clear deterioration as the Left stokes racial divisions by portraying any political opposition to the president as racially motivated. The barrier was broken. That's still good. But we've reaped no benefit from that event.

And if you want foreign policy confusion, as the lead in to that amazing statement by Milbank about protecting the president, try this:

In a Friday appearance on MSNBC, Milbank reassured the hosts of The Cycle that 2014’s political environment is not as favorable to Republicans as many would have you believe. He added that GOP candidates have largely been reduced to stoking undue fears in the electorate on everything from the threat posed by ISIS to the spread of Ebola.

Right. Republicans are responsible for inflating the threats of ISIL and Ebola; yet President Obama has launched military campaigns against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, and has dispatched troops to West Africa to combat Ebola.

So Milbank is obviously a racist for opposing the president's policies? That's what I've been told all these years.

Or is he saying that President Obama is too weak to resist such politically motivated fear campaigns?

Which would also probably be racist, come to think of it. Which makes me doubly morally superior to those opponents of the president, like Milbank.

Hey! This is fun! I can see why the Left has done it so much!