Friday, October 03, 2014

Plan XVII?

Hezbollah is apparently preparing to fight the next last war.

Hezbollah plans to use their experience gained in Syria in offensive tactics against Israel:

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are restructuring their defences along the Lebanese border after recent intelligence evaluations indicated that the militant Shia group Hizbullah is planning to send hundreds of well-armed fighters into northern Israel in any future conflict. ...

However, having gained considerable experience in co-ordinating ground assaults during its intervention in Syria, Hizbullah has added offensive cross-border capabilities to its war plans, according to senior Israeli military officials.

Right. Assuming this is more than just nonsense designed to convince Hezbollah's Shia constituency that fighting for Assad isn't just a bloody error that distracts from the real war on Israel, Israel should welcome this Hezbollah change.

Why? Because Israel will go deep rather than thrash around ineffectively along the border they way they did in 2006:
The officer said that, in the event of a war, his preferred strategy would be to swiftly mobilise IDF brigades for an aggressive ground offensive that would move into Lebanon within hours.

"[The conflict] could be very long," the source said. "Part of this depends on how quickly we launch a ground offensive. The faster we launch an aggressive ground offensive, the more dramatic the effect it will have."

I've been writing for years that I think a new Israeli war with Hezbollah will see Israel drive deep into Lebanon to really tear up Hezbollah's infrastructure and kill gunmen.

If Hezbollah wants to push their troops into a kill sack inside Israel while Israeli mechanized and airborne/airmobile force push deep into Lebanon in the decisive action, Israel should have the guts to let the Hezbollah offensive advance into Israel pretty deep to really entangle them there and set them up for isolation and annihilation.