Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Person's a Person, No Matter How Coded

At some level it is amusing that this is a topic of study:

If recent measurements of cosmic ray particles are correct, then we may have the first evidence that the universe as we know it is really a giant computer simulation.

Of course, this could be dangerous territory since, simulation or not, this life is all we've got. If our universe is a simulation, wouldn't those running it pull the plug since having subjects aware of the simulation wrecks the simulation?

And how meta is playing Second Life if we are a simulation in the first one?

I'm just hoping I'm someone's avatar and not a NPC. I have a list of suspects who I think are the latter, and I'd hate to be in that category.

Deep stuff. I'm still grappling with that whole Horton Hears a Who cosmology question posed during my childhood.

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