Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Curious Case of the Dog That Did Not Bark

Riots in a Swedish suburb? Who might have done this? Neo-Nazis? The Blond Alliance? The Stockholm Chapter of the Tea Party? Who knows? We certainly won't find out from the news.

Riots in Stockholm:

At least 20 cars were set on fire overnight in a poor immigrant suburb of Stockholm, police said on Saturday, days before an election in which joblessness and Sweden's open door asylum policy are major issues.

Ah, a poor immigrant suburb. So maybe the BA was involved! Rampaging to show their hatred, eh? Damned blond people! Or maybe damned neo-Nazis.

What else? We need clues, damn it!

"This is about some sort of social unrest," [police officer] Rosvall said. "It is some kind of statement against society, but exactly what that statement is, we don't know."

Ah. Social unrest and some type of vague statement against "society." That sounds deep. And possibly damning of that Swedish "society."

Damned Swedish "society!"

It is noted that other suburbs have faced violence in the recent past. Damned suburbanites!

And in other events, "youths" have been reported. Damned young people!

The article then mentions--for some reason--that an anti-immigrant party might make gains in elections coming up soon.

Apparently they feel free to digress (as I do!). Because there is no reason given in the article to link the riots with the election.

Also, helping immigrants flee violence--like in Syria, the article says--leaves little room for spending on jobs and education. It seems that the people who need that spending on jobs and school should be pretty darned angry at those fleeing violence who are soaking up the spending. Perhaps they rioted. Damned unemployed and uneducated!

Or damned Stockholm Tea Party for not wanting higher taxes to do everything!

Yet I'm just guessing. Clues, damn it! I need more!

But then the article ends.

So just who has been sending a statement about Sweden's society by torching cars in Sweden's suburbs?

Damned if I know. It's a mystery.