Sunday, August 31, 2014

Upping our Terror Levels

Britain increased their terror level to "severe." President Obama also increased our terror level.

The West may have deemed the war on terror over, but the terrorists strongly disagree. So we have this:

Islamist terrorists are "highly likely" to attack the UK as David Cameron announced the threat assessment has been raised to its second highest level.

It is the first time the threat level has been at “severe” since 2011 when it was reduced to “substantial” and reflects growing concern from the risk of British jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq.

That's their second-highest level.

President Obama has also raised our terror warning level--to our highest one, Code Pink:

The highest level, Code Pink, is true emergency status meaning "Holy Cr*p, Not Even These Code Pink Hags Will Believe Us If We Say It Isn't Our Fault." This means we've been attacked again and remember that yes, we really are still at war with jihadis.

Bring it on, ISIL, we're ready.