Saturday, August 09, 2014

Operation Iraqi Fiefdom

Strategypage discusses the Islamic State situation in an Iraq divided into Shia, Sunni Arab, and Kurdish regions.

Note especially the estimate of 15,000 IS fighters in Iraq who relied on shock and awe (several hundred men charging into a town in vehicles to scare the defenders away to seize land; the absolute need for cooperation from local Sunni Arabs (including Baathists) who are being alienated already by the jihadi lifestyle Nazis; and the need for Iraq to find an offensive force to counter-attack.

These jihadis are spread thin and can be beaten if the Iraqis can get an offensive force pulled together--which I've mentioned.

Get soldiers who stand their ground despite the jihadi scary fervor and who have firepower at their disposal, and they will shred the jihadi formations in battle.

No mention of the situation in Anbar. That's been very quiet in the news these days.

I'd still like to keep Iraq stitched together to keep the Iranian out, the Sunnis down, and the Kurds in a unified Iraqi state.