Saturday, August 30, 2014

Justice Friends, Assemble!

World Citizen Barack Obama, who appealed to the entire world to support him because he is one of them despite having to sit on the mere American throne, is looking for allies to fight the Islamic State in Iraq. Oddly, the consensus is that He will have problems doing this.

Despite responsibly ending the Iraq War, President Obama inconveniently finds the Iraq War raging in ways harmful to us.

Obviously, the president wants allies:

"Any successful strategy ... needs strong regional partners," Obama told reporters Thursday.

If we had a strategy, of course. The president boldly stated to the world at the podium the other day that we do not.

But no matter. When the best minds of the most left wing president in our history get together, I'm sure the plan will be friggin' awesome.

Say, as an aside, how about including in that strategy the notion that Iran is not a good ally waiting to be made? I can't believe I once thought President Obama might cut the Gordian Knot that would alleviate a whole lot of our Middle East problems.

But back to the coalition of the swooning waiting to be assembled:

Naturally, his nuance-oozing Secretary of State is on the job:

President Obama’s assignment to Secretary of State John Kerry to build a coalition of countries willing to join the United States in taking on the Islamic State extremist group in Iraq and Syria will be no cake walk.

Allies. Where could we get some of those?

Hey! I have a binder full of allies here. Perhaps Secretary Kerry could peruse them for candidates?

If we'd kept troops in Iraq after 2011, a lot of them would already be assembled in Iraq, no doubt (although if that happened we wouldn't face today's problems requiring us to assemble the Justice Friends, of course).

I mean, if a unilateral cowboy like George W. Bush could organize a coalition of this size to invade and hold Iraq, surely the fully nuanced and world-embracing not-Bush Barack Obama can scrounge up a basketball team's worth of allies to defend Iraq, eh? Just who could question The One's motives for fighting in Iraq?