Thursday, July 03, 2014

If We Can't Have Sanity, Can We at Least Kill Jihadis First?

Wow. Sometimes the stupid is reduced to a dull roar.

In Mali, but what the heck. It's a start:

The June 15 agreement by the government to negotiate a peace deal with the Tuareg is bad news for AQIM and other Islamic terrorists in the north because the Tuareg are native to the north and comprise most of the population there. ...

The peace talks with the largely black southerners can still come to nothing as there has long been mutual fear and loathing between Tuaregs and the southern majority. All both sides can agree on at this point is that continued fighting favors no one except the Islamic terrorists. The negotiations also have to deal with the fact that the southerners are still humiliated at how the Tuareg defeated the largely southern (black) army in 2012 and again in May 2014 when the army tried to take control of Kidal.

I've hoped that the French victory over the jihadis wouldn't be thrown away by the southerners' stupidity in insisting that the Tuaregs are the enemy rather than jihadis.

The stupid may win yet, but the stupid has been set back by this resolve to talk.