Monday, June 16, 2014

Tommy Vietor is Right

Obama loyalist Tommy Vietor mocks opponents of President Obama:

“Iraq is just a ploy to distract you from Bergdahl which distracted you from the VA scandal which distracted you from BENGHAZI. Idiots,” he said in a tweet.

(Tip to Instapundit)

Vietor's right. Psychotic. But absolutely right.

The idea that the Obama administration is orchestrating scandals and disasters to distract us from earlier scandals and incompetence is nonsense. Never explain with deep complicated plans that which can be explained by idiocy.

If the Obama administration was good enough to achieve this level of orchestration of events, we wouldn't have the scandals and disasters. I can only dream that the Obama administration is that good.

No, the obvious explanation is that the Obama administration is simply incompetent.

Who knew an administration led by a community organizer would be so horrible at governing and leading?