Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Question isn't How America Would Invade Taiwan

Yes, the issue isn't how American would conquer Taiwan. The issue is how China would do it.

The US report on China doesn't see an invasion or anything really effective (bombarding Taiwan is not going to do it and blockade takes too long, giving us time to intervene or just help) in capturing Taiwan within China's capabilities:

While the Pentagon says its analysis is based on publicly available Chinese documents, these four options seem to be essentially American. Blockade, missile strikes and limited and full-scale invasions have been U.S. practice since 1945 everywhere from Cuba and Iraq to Panama and Afghanistan.

Which doesn’t mean China won’t use them. But one wonders if Beijing may devise a more creative solution to its Taiwanese “problem.”

There are surely "Chinese" means of conquest we haven't thought of. But what about "Chinese" methods to do the same thing we'd do?

I have a scenario that uses Chinese capabilities rather than American-style methods to go right for the jugular of Taiwan.