Sunday, June 16, 2013

Very Sweet, Indeed

I don't think I'll have any new treats today for Father's Day because on Friday Lamb baked me a treat.

I helped Lamb get the Easy Bake oven set up because she thought she might not have enough time today for baking. We got the cake going and then she banished me from the kitchen so she could work on it in secret.

As it turns out, she turned the cake into a cake pop using the push-up device I've mentioned. It was a mixture of Easy Bake cake, chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and M & Ms. She presented it to me at the table under a covered platter.

I ate it all, of course.

I did beg off on the two cups of frosting and M & Ms. The concoction in the blue container had candles for me to light and blow out. I didn't know Father's Day was a candle day.

I trust I'll have to eat those sweets today, at some point.

Believe me, I'm not complaining. I just hope my daughter will want to bake stuff for me for many decades, at least now and again. I know Mister only pretend baked desserts for me. And nothing in the bulk of the last decade.

So no, you'll hear no complaints from me!