Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yeah, That Does Suck

Assad is upset that a neighboring country isn't controlling its territory, allowing terrorists to wage war against his government.

Assad is angry at Lebanon:

"Syria expects the Lebanese side to prevent these armed terrorist groups from using the borders as a crossing point, because they target Syrian people and are violating Syrian sovereignty," it said in a message to the Lebanese government, according to state media.

Syria threatens to strike inside Lebanon more if it doesn't stop.

I have to agree with Assad, having a neighbor send in terrorists is an outrage.

Mind you, Assad has a point. He's an evil maniac killing his people as fast as he can. But he has a point. Lebanon does have an obligation to control its territory and prevent it from being used to attack another country. And failure to do so invites foreign action against elements using their territory.

Which is why I see nothing wrong with Israel hitting Hezbollah inside Lebanon. Which is why I see no problem hitting jihadis in Pakistan. Which is why I wanted to pound Syria and Iran for helping insurgents and terrorists inside Iraq while we fought there.

So if it is sympathy Assad seeks, he should look elsewhere. Although it would be funny as Hell if Israel endorsed Assad's view on Lebanon's responsibilities.