Monday, February 04, 2013

Math Finally Pays Off

Yesterday, Lamb examined the cupboard to see what she wanted us to bake. We had the choice of chocolate chip muffins, jello, brownies, sugar cookies, or lemon bars.

She went with the lemon bars. Now--and don't put on your surprised face--I don't have the most complete kitchen. My cooking is fairly basic. The instructions called for an 8 x 8-inch pan. I don't have one of those. I have a couple cake-sized rectangular pans. (Why? I don't know. I don't believe I've ever baked a cake in anything larger than an EasyBake Oven.)

But I did have a pie baking dish. (Again--never baked a pie, to the best of my recollection.)

The pie dish was 9 inches across. And with my amazing mathematical skills, I determined that a 9-inch diameter pan is incredibly close in area to an 8 x 8 rectangular pan.

Yes, I started life as a math major. That lasted three terms in college--well, two--I completely gave up trying that last term, I'll admit. I've forgotten pretty much anything I learned then.

Woo hoo! Lemon bar mission is "go!"

It was easy. Lamb cracked the eggs and used my until-then still-pristine whisk thing I got for Christmas from Lamb (hmm, hadn't thought of that gift choice before ...) to blend the ingredients. I just poured the water, sprayed the pan, and preheated the oven, at this point.

Then Lamb pressed the pre-made crust mixture into the pie pan. With a little baking, the crust was ready for round 2.

After a last whisking performed by Lamb, I poured the lemon ooze into the pan while Lamb scraped out the clinging residue--aware to keep fingers away from the very hot glass pan.

About 22 minutes later, I removed the pan. After several hours in the refrigerator, I cut the bars.

Not bad. They go well with beer. Well, by then Lamb and Mister were back at their mom's house so that was not something I shared with them.

Sadly, I'll have to up my game. Lamb wants to make home-made meringue. She says it is easy and I should ask her aunt. As long as algebra isn't involved, I'll be fine, I suppose.

Can't we just buy a lemon meringue pie and scrape off the top? I'll eat the lemon pie part if she just wants the meringue!