Monday, December 03, 2012

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The pageant isn't what Hugo Chavez thought it would be:

The Venezuelan Air Force put lot of money and effort into creating an impressive show to celebrate its 92nd anniversary on November 27th. It did not work out as hoped. One of the aircraft being shown off was a new K-8 trainer, recently purchased from China. It crashed, but the two man crew was able to bail out just before the K-8 hit the ground. Then the helicopter sent to retrieve the two K-8 crewmen crashed along the way. Five days before, two OV-10 aircraft collided while practicing for the air show. That accident killed one and wounded three.

Strategypage goes on to discuss the "Bolivarian" doctrine that Hugo insists his military follow. Apparently, shouting revolutionary slogans at aircraft components makes them work properly.

As I wrote a long time ago, I'm not too worried about Hugo's arms purchases.

The Dutch East Indies are probably safe, for now.