Monday, October 01, 2012

Making It Their Problem

Has the Arab Moslem jihad against the West peaked?

I know, President George W. Bush waging two wars on Moslem nations was misguided and only created more terrorists. Heck, even President Obama increased to three (Libya) and maybe to four (Yemen) the wars we've fought in Arab nations. And he escalated an existing one. The Arab street should have erupted in recruits for the jihad who then flocked to Pakistan to be trained under the master Obi Wan Jihadi's guidance.

But they aren't, according to a (apparently) Pakistani retired general:

Al-Qaeda till recently consisted largely of Arabs. But stepped-up US drone strikes, Pakistani military offensives and dwindling cash reserves have driven out many of the Arabic-speakers in recent years, says Mahmood Shah, a retired brigadier. While there are no exact numbers, Shah said intelligence sources in the tribal regions put the number of Arab and African jihadists at about 1,500, compared with 3,500 to 4,000 ranging from Chinese Uighurs and Uzbeks to recruits from Turkey, the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan as well as native and immigrant Germans.

So is the Arab world tiring of leading the jihad after over a decade of getting their butts kicked around the planet?

We fight the jihad for more than a decade, but now more of the recruits are coming from areas we didn't fight in?

It's almost like fighting terrorists doesn't actually create more terrorists.

Not that the jihadis are less dangerous on the decline. Until defeated they are still fighting, and we can't let up. And now other nations will be compelled to confront the enemy we've been fighting.