Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Freeing France

Are we pushing Algeria to support a Mali operation in order to allow a rescue from Algerian territory of the French hostages being held by Mali jihadis?

I have strong doubts that local or regional forces can mount an offensive operation to defeat the jihadis in northern Mali any time in the next half year. If France is preparing to lead the offensive, I suspect they want French citizens being held hostage by Mali jihadis to be rescued first.

Access to Algeria for French special forces would certainly help that goal. Is this where we come in?

The United States joined France in a diplomatic lobbying campaign Monday to win key Algerian support for an emergency military intervention in northern Mali, where al-Qaeda-linked militants are waging a terror campaign that the Obama administration warns could threaten other nations.

It's not like we are asking Algeria to participate in a campaign--just support it. Why we'd need Algeria's help if sub-Saharan states want to defeat the secessionists is beyind me.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that we'd want Algerian territory as a base for French and/or American special forces to mount a rescue operation and eliminate the jihadi threat that keeps France from leading the offensive.