Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Put Me in Such an Awful Spin

Apparently, "we" aren't the change we've been waiting for (tip to Instapundit):

Obama Fever No Longer Raging on Martha's Vineyard: 'I Just Have to Say I Feel Really Uncomfortable, Because I Love Loving Him'

That speaks volumes. Supporting President Obama is as much about how it makes the supporter feel than the policies of the president. For the supporter, he's thinking of the president that there's no place I'd rather you be than with me here. I love to love you, baby.

But when the change doesn't match the hope, we have major dissonance taking place. And as always, I do cherish the lamentations part over all else.

I don't blame President Obama for his good luck in having so many supporters who treated him like a blank slate to write all their hopes and dreams on. to his credit, he even mentioned that during the campaign. It was an amazing stroke of luck that got him to the White House. But those supporters, seeing themselves in their candidate, obviously feel jilted when the tangible results don't match their expectations.

Is it too early to get the ball rolling on this outreach to soon-to-be former supporters? Or will these supporters with an idealized image of their man, like mistreated lovers everywhere, convince themselves that deep down he's good and if they try hard enough they can change him into the president they've always believed he can be?