Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Do It

So are we about to have a bipartisan and executive-congressional joint screw up of the Libya War?

Sens. John McCain and John Kerry introduced a resolution Tuesday that would give President Barack Obama the green light to continue limited military operations in Libya.

Ah, Congressional authorization of a flawed war plan. That's the solution?

Congress should simply declare war on Libya. If I understand it correctly, the President can't even veto the declaration of war. It is simply a Congressional power. Declare war and state that our objective is the destruction of the Khaddafi regime and death or arrest of the dictator.

Then let the commander in chief fight the war for the Congressional objective as he sees fit.

Authorizing what we are doing now just gets President Obama off the hook for a flawed war strategy that he started if we don't get lucky and instead end up losing the war.