Monday, May 23, 2011

Unclear on the Concept

Even after letting numerous American deadlines for Iran to halt nuclear weapons programs pass by with no action, after seeing Khaddafi and Assad remain in office when they "had to go" (admittedly without set deadlines), and after seeing no budget for this fiscal year approved anywhere near the beginning of this fiscal year, May 2011 has been a particularly cruel month for deadlines that apparently mean nothing.

First we had the debt ceiling deadline that would strike us down on May 16th. That's run out to August 2nd, now.

Then we had the May 20th deadline to end American participation in the Libya War under the war powers act. The war goes on and nobody will do anything about it. I happen to think the law stinks and figure if it is to be declared unconstitutional, the time when a very liberal president wants to ignore it will be the time it happens.

And of course, May 21st was supposed to be the end of the world and yet here we are. I'll cite nothing online to support that statement.

I'm perhaps thinking that someone (pehaps it is me) is unclear on the concept of what a "deadline" entails.