Friday, May 27, 2011

But What About Our Needs?

The Russian whining about our truncated missile defenses in eastern Europe is both pathetic and insulting to out intelligence.

Claiming that our defenses will make their missile forces obsolete after 2015 and therefore that they need to have there finger on the button of our missile defenses brings three thoughts to mind.

One, the missile defenses will be so thin that it is ridiculous to claim that Russia's missile forces--especially when you condier their theater-range stuff outside of  New START.

Two, why is it so important to Moscow to have the ability to nuke eastern Europe? Is this what "reset" has led to? I know that button didn't mean what we thought it meant at the time. What do the Russians think it means?

Three, if Russia is to get a finger on the button that would defend eastern Europe from Russian nuclear missiles, why shouldn't we get a finger on Russia's nuclear missiles that might nuke eastern Europe?

Russia needs to stop picking fights with the West, which doesn't threaten them, before Russia needs our help against the growing threat that China poses to Russia's control of their own Far East.