Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stupid, Evil, and Ugly to Boot

Even if you want to argue that Hugo Chavez is not now a dictator, he is clearly a thug and he is at best simply on the road to being a clear-cut dictator:

President Hugo Chavez is facing increasingly hostile voters, and even rising oil income is unable to buy loyalty back. Faced with losing at the ballot box, Chavez is arming his core supporters, while placing loyalists into key military and police commands. Chavez has taken control of electronic and print media over the last two years, and has also managed to throttle free speech for Venezuelan Internet users. Opponents, even judges, have been dealt with quickly and harshly. All this makes opposition grow. Chavez is ready to rule as an unelected dictator, even at the risk of a destructive civil war. In the meantime, he is trying to repair the damage he has done to the economy. This includes restoring trade with Colombia (which helps), and increasing control over the economy (which doesn't).

What a piece of work. Yet he has fanboys in America. Why? Because Hugo hates America. Even under Obama, Hugo hates America. And that gets him a pass for his thuggery and will get him a pass when he is clearly a dictator.