Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working for the Clampdown

Protesters around Syria are challenging Assad's rule. Assad blames it on "conspirators:"

Syrian President Bashar Assad blamed a wave of protests on "conspirators" who are trying to destroy the country, giving his first address to the nation Wednesday since the demonstrations erupted nearly two weeks ago.

Assad said security forces were given "clear instructions" not to harm citizens during the protests.

So he gave his twisted speech to the young believers. What is he gonna do now?

While he defends himself by saying security forces won't attack citizens, conspirators are clearly another matter. Those he'll order shot and disappeared as necessary.

This all plays out in these days of evil presidentes, working for the clampdown. But lately one or two has fully paid their due for working for the clampdown.

Gitalong. Gitalong.

UPDATE: This article figures that the army and Assad's base of support put down this protest wave; but that eventually, the regime falls. Perhaps taking off the turban and asking is this man is a Jew? will work one more time.