Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Qesem Cave Massacre!

Israelis admitted to unearthing human remains!

A Tel Aviv University team excavating a cave in central Israel said teeth found in the cave are about 400,000 years old and resemble those of other remains of modern man, known scientifically as Homo sapiens, found in Israel. The earliest Homo sapiens remains found until now are half as old.

Pro-Palestinian activists in Europe were quick to accuse the Israelis of responsibility for the dead humanoids. They further highlighted the apparent fact that the Israelis had brutally pulled the teeth of the dead in some type of bizarre Jewish torture ritual before executing them.

Representatives of Hamas said this may represent the earliest known mass grave of Zionist victims, and demanded a United Nations investigation. The Human Rights Commission is likely to agree to this request, and charter a humanitarian flotilla to take relief supplies of anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles, and surface-to-surface rockets to the descendants of the victims.