Friday, October 09, 2009

Long Live Heavy Armor

The future still belongs to the so-called dinosaurs when it comes to conventional warfare.

Given that the Abrams is being updated, it's partner in mechanized warfare, the Bradley, is also getting an upgrade:

The Block 2 is planned as a major upgrade of the M-2. It will include a more powerful (800 versus 600 horsepower) engine, a more powerful gun (30 or 40mm) and lighter armor (or protection systems that shoot down anti-tank missiles and RPGs). Improved sensors are planned, plus vidcams to give people inside the vehicle a 360 degree view of what's outside.) More electronics, including one that would allow variable power, and fuel consumption, from the engine. More safety features are planned as well, including an improved fire extinguisher system. For better protection against mines and roadside bombs, the body of the vehicle would be 18 (46 cm) inches off the ground, instead of the current 11. With more armor on the floor, and seats that absorb some of the blast, the Block 2 would have protection approaching that of an MRAP. New fuel tanks would be less prone to causing fires[.]

So this excellent vehicle will be around another couple decades, ready for a fight.