Saturday, February 21, 2009

That Word Doesn't Mean What They Think it Means

So is it time to start the victory dance in Pakistan?

A Pakistani official says the government and the Taliban have agreed to a permanent cease-fire" in the restive Swat Valley.

Syed Muhammad Javed, commissioner of the Malakand region which includes Swat, made the announcement at the Swat Press Club in Mingora. Both sides had agreed to the decision, he said, but would not give more details.

Sadly, and predictably, no.

Even if Pakistan is permanently happy with the state of events, the jihadis will not remain happy for long being able to terrorize the locals in their region. Eventually, the urge to slaughter those unpious city dwellers closer to the capital will overcome restraint and the simple joy of preventing their own daughters from being educated or seeing much sunlight.

In time, after they've recovered a bit from the recent combat, the jihadis of Swat and other covered areas will restart the jihad.

I wonder if the people in the region covered by the truce will trust the government to protect them "permanently" when the Pakistani army comes in again shooting? Or will the people figure the army will kill for a bit and then leave again, leaving any unwise enough to openly side against the jihadis to be beheaded and tortured for their foolishness.

I'm just hoping this isn't permanently bad.