Monday, May 07, 2007

Cleared for Action?

The British are resuming their boarding missions in the Gulf:

The UK Royal Navy (RN) has resumed boarding operations in the northern Arabian Gulf for the first time since 15 of its sailors and marines were detained by Iran. UK Defence Secretary Des Browne said in a written statement to parliament on 23 April: "I am pleased to announce that UK forces will today recommence boarding operations in the Gulf that were suspended following the seizure of Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel by the Iranians on 23 March 2007."

[Jane's Navy International - first posted to - 26 April 2007]

I can only assume that the British are prepared to resist another try by the Iranians to seize a British boardng party.

So the question is, do the Iranians try their luck again? Just by announcing that the British will resume boarding operations in the Arabian Gulf, the British move might lead the mullahs to try again just to emphasize Tehran's insistence that this Gulf is indeed Persian.