Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taking a Deep Breath

I've been pretty mad at the Russians of late. They seem determined to throw away their chance at joining the West where they belong and instead arm our enemies and otherwise be a thorn in our side hoping to harm us and let them regain some relative glory and stature.

Strategypage writes that some of the problems stem from Yeltsin's era and are not to be put on Putin's shoulders:

Looking at the evidence, it is clear that to a degree, Vladimir Putin has been getting a bad rap that is not entirely deserved. Russia and the United States are not enemies, but there are going to be times when their interests do not coincide. Putin is also left with the task of cleaning up a mess that was left by his predecessor. It is probably best for America and Russia to work together when the interests coincide, and to agree to disagree when they do not. With the war on terror going on, re-starting the Cold War is not a good idea.

I think Hutchinson glosses over way too much and is too willing to turn the other cheek. But given the benefit of the doubt I extend to France in considering them technically an ally despite my frequent anger at their antics, I guess I should extend the same to Russia.

I'm willing to wait and see. Perhaps I've been hasty. As noted, we don't need to create an enemy out of an irritant at this point in time. The bottom line is that although I'd rather have an ally than an annoyance; I'd rather have an annoyance than an enemy. Which pretty much sums up my view of France.

Still, we shouldn't mistakenly think that the Russians are our friends--just look for places we have common interests, I guess. And work against them when our interests do not match.

Yeah, I know, that's a crappy choice. But it is childish to make things worse just because they aren't better.