Friday, October 28, 2005

What Else Could They Do?

Never, ever rely on the UN for our national security.

The corruption of the UN Oil-for-Food operation was widespread and reached officials in key countries opposed to the Iraq War and well over 2,000 companies that ponied up cash to Saddam to get in on the gravy train:

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said Saddam was able to manipulate the program people "with the willing cooperation of U.N. officials, the acquiescence of some member states, and, as today's report indicates, the willingness of private companies and individuals to pay huge sums in bribes and kickbacks to the Hussein regime."

The UN defends its honor:

The 19-month investigation has caused havoc at the United Nations, whose officials say the world body was unequipped to handle a program of that size.

Unable to handle the size of the program? Well, then the willing cooperation of UN officials with Saddam to carry out the scheme was perfectly understandable! I know that when I'm in over my head my first thought is to betray the trust placed in me and get a little profit for myself. Perfectly natural! I mean, who would ever think of asking for help to do the job right?

And while I'm also angry that companies would cooperate with Saddam, when the keepers of the morals of the vaunted international community indicate something is ok to do, this can hardly be an opportunity to complain about greedy corporations. How can the Left complain about the kickbacks? Still, it wasn't just any companies:

Preferential treatment was given to companies in France, Russia and China, all permanent members of the Security Council, who were more favorable to lifting the 1990 sanctions compared to the United States, Britain and Japan.

Fancy that! Far be it from me to suggest that France, Russia, and China opposed the war to protect their corrupt business profits and government complicity in supporting a murderous tyrant. No, no. Don't be silly. High principle was involved in their decisions to shield Saddam. Such as--wait, I need to consult my notes... It was right here... Oh, national sovereignty, um... Wait. And, um, well ... HALLIBURTON!

There. All settled. Let's move on to shovel more money to the UN so they can reform themselves into a bigger and better guardian of the morals and legitimacy of the vaunted international community. I mean, we want them to have the resources the next time we have to contain a rogue regime, right?

When is Bolton getting that wrecking ball, anyway?