Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So What's Left?

The Iraqis passed the proposed constitution despite Sunni objections:

The charter is considered a major step in Iraq's democratic reforms, clearing the way for the election of a new, full-term Iraqi parliament on Dec. 15. Such steps are important in any decision about the future withdrawal of U.S.-led forces from Iraq.

You'd think this is good news but that would disqualify you for our press corps:

However, some fear the victory, which came despite a large turnout by Sunni Arabs in an effort to defeat it, could enrage many members of the minority and fuel their support for the insurgency.

If the Shias and Kurds had simply taken power and treated the Sunnis the way the Sunnis treated (and by "treated" I mean slaughter, torture, and exploit) the Shias and Kurds during the long rule by the Sunnis, the anti-war side would have recoiled in horror. And rightly so, I suppose. I imagine that if the Sunnis had been disenfranchised, the anti-war side would have been outraged.

Yet "some" fear that the approval of the constitution with Sunni participation will fuel the insurgency.

So what is it? Let the Sunnis vote and participate in a new democratic Iraq, or exclude them? Damned if you do, damned if you're Bush, I guess.

So what's left? Shall we simply exterminate the Sunnis? Kill them all and let Allah sort them out? I mean, anything seems to set a good amount of them off.

Oh wait, this is the anti-war side we're talking about so there is another alternative--surrender.

I bet the press wouldn't find a down side to that option.